Thursday, November 1, 2012

My New Love! DSLR!

I have always had a thing for photographs! Maybe it has something to do with my mother's longtime boyfriend of 8 years who was a professional photographer. Therefore, because the DSLR can double as photo taking machine and a video capturing machine, I've developed a new love for it. I aspire to use it in my scene assignment! I've learned that it has the ability to rack focus, which I really wanna use for my intense moments! It gives a quality cinematic look that I adore. The DSLR uses interchangeable lenses (which reminds me of the Sony's filters) and a sensor that is larger that gives it that higher quality. I also like how it tolerate low-light levels better. My film is dark and eery so I think it would work well with my film. Here are some Pros and Cons of the DSLR, that I've reviewed from" Pros: 1. Greater lens versatility. 2. Almost always better image quality 3. Better performance. 4. Usually a more functional "shooter's" design. 5. Greater flexibility. Cons: 1. Generally bigger and heavier. 2. Increased complexity 3. Higher prices. 4. Generally inconvenient to use the LCD for framing. ( I plan on using an adapter to connect the camera to my laptop so my DP and I can monitor our shots.) I was curious to find out what feature films where shot with DSLR and here is a list of what I've discovered: ROAD TO NOWHERE Shot with: Canon 5DmkII Trailer: Road to Nowhere - YouTube PERCEPTION Shot with: Canon 7D FANTASTIC MR. FOX Shot with: Nikon D3 IMDb: Fantastic Mr. Fox (2009) - IMDb DESPERATA Shot with: Nikon D90 Official website: Desperata - official homepage of the feature film ACT OF VALOR Shot with: Canon 5DmkII, Canon 7D, Canon 1D Trailer: Act Of Valor (2012) Official Trailer - HD Movie - Navy SEALS - YouTube ALÉM DE TI Shot with: Canon T2i Official Facebook: