Monday, October 15, 2012

I Can't Wait to Use Dollies!!! Eeek!

Blogger's Note: All of my dolly examples are used effective!
I beginning my blog with this new commercial from Chanel's Fragrance Number 5. Brad Pitt is still, he recites some poem or monologue, it's in black and white and the camera moves closer to him in for a Character Dolly or Push In. This highly attractive man is a sight for sore eyes and I had no problem with the camera's steadily approaching him. My heart leaped at the cutaway of a wide close up of his beautifully aging face (MELT!!!). His words are intense and thoughtful. You're drawn to whatever it is that this handsome man is saying and the camera's movement towards him exemplifies this longing you have to understand.
Across the Universe has to be one of my all time favorite movies. For a generation that validly hold some type of regard for The Beatles, this movie gave them an opportunity to get lost in the magic that decades of fans where introduce to during their time. The scene I picked has a spin look at about :20 into it. The cheerleader singing has a desire to be with an unidentified person that she hasn't adequately expressed for a reason that is understood later in the scene. She is singing "I Want to Hold Your Hand," which makes for a sad sort of undertone and as the spin away occurs, you see the distance between her and her mysterious crush. As it spins around, you get to see the emotion on the singers face as see stares at her love from afar.
My next chose comes from the movie Accidents Happens. The link I've provided is only a teaser. I could not find the clip I wanted on line. Anyway, pay attention to :00-:05 as the camera tilts down into the scene. In the movie of course, it continues this motion until it introduces the characters but this teaser does not. I liked this scene because it offers a new way to present an establishing shot. Instead of simply holding the camera on the location for whatever seconds, it "enters" the scene as we, the viewers, kind of do so as well.
My next scene is from the 2006 Spanish movie Pan's Labyrinth. This is one of my favorite movies as well. It tells the story of a girl growing up with a stepfather who has the demeanor and heart of Hitler. She escape her troubling situation by making up wonderful stories that come true in her real life. I chose the scene where she is introduce to a mystical garden leading to a labyrinth behind her new home. At about 1:36 there is an example of a fly over. The garden has been shaped into a maze so it is effective that the director chose to do a fly over as we follower our main character through the maze.

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