Thursday, September 6, 2012

Blog Post #3

I can remember going to the movies as a little girl, watching whatever Disney film that premiered and leaving the movies captivated like I was Mulan, Princess Jasmine, Snow White or Simba.  I developed a fondness for the cinemas ability to distract me from reality and engulf me in its magic, entertainment and craft. As I got older, I found myself addicted to every movie channel on my satellite lineup and when I discovered behind the scenes shows that detailed all the elements that made a movie successful, I found my calling.
“I want to be a filmmaker!” I told my mother.
“A filmmaker,” she said reluctantly.  Her reaction frightened me and her long pause didn’t make my emotions calmer. “Well,” she finally said as she loosen the muscles in her face, “you better be good damn filmmaker if you’re going to buy me a house. Spike Lee, Juile Dash, Antoine Fuqua and Gina Prince-Bythewood should be your inspiration!” With the approval from my mother, I pursued Telecommunications and film at UA with a media production track. I tried to enroll in this TCF 312 class countless times and received a lot of rejection but since I finally received the override, I hope to learn the art of cinematography. I want to make films that are beautiful, crisp, well crafted and entertaining. I believe this knowledge will help my ultimate goal of being a filmmaker that is worthy of being listed amongst the Lees, Dashs, Fuquas and Prince-Bythewoods. I want to create films that give my viewers the same impression I had leaving those Disney movies as a child and I want to, like my mama said, buy her a house with the revenue I get from executing this goal. 


  1. Disney makes money --- maybe that's the way to go. LOL.

    There are so many things, stylistically, about Disney's craft --- I want you to think about why you love these films so much? What first hit you? What still keeps you loving them after all these years?

    1. I love the films because of the art behind them. Mulan depicted China's beautiful buildings well, the Lion King created wonderful African landscapes and Aladin was all around awesome! All of the movies' stories were just as entertaining as their mise en scene and I'm a big musical person so I loved the soundtracks as much as the films. If I had to pinpoint what hit me first, it would be simply the music. I often got the words and tunes stuck in my head and I would sing them religiously to the point where my mom wanted to destroy all of my Disney tapes! Even in my old age, I'm still a fan of the cartoons and their stories. Recently, I'm becoming more interested in 3D films, particularly the one's from Pixar!