Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Post #5 Reflections

TCF 312 has helped me remember the skills I've learned in TCF 201 and it has expended my cinematography knowledge as well. It has given me an opportunity to see what filming something is like with the lighting exercises we've done, which shows how hard it is to light a scene for a particular look, and with Dr. Raimist constantly asking us questions that challenge our memory. Asking what lone C-stands are called for instance or what words to use for certain directions are some of the questions that get our baby film brains going. Working on sets help me learn terminology better and I am growing more comfortable with being on location.  So far my strengths have been responding to directions. I've worked as grips for both of our onset exercises and when I am told to jump, I jump and fairly quickly I might add. I am eager to be a DP because that seems to be the most challenging job thus far. Creating a look based off of what a director envisions. I anticipate having this position because it allows me direct people to create something that has an awesome mise en scene.  I aspire to do this as a career so I look forward to practicing it and whether or not DP is truly what I want to do. Being given that opportunity couple with the activities I have done so far in this class, as united to become a rewarding experience for me and I look forward to learning and doing more as the year progresses.

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