Friday, December 7, 2012

Camera Selection

For my scene assignment, I chose the T2i, which is my fellow classmate's personal DSLR. I like the cinematic look the DSLR gives so I was comfortable using this particular camera when it was suggested for class equipment distribution purposes. I think the cinematic style in a production makes it more realistic and creditable and because my scenario is serious and dramatic so I think using a camera the gives this look helps the tone of the story. DSLRs are able to give a scene a shallow depth of field and uses really awesome lenses, however it requires a lot of moving because it isn't able to zoom in, small LCD monitor on camera which makes it hard to see exactly what you're filming and you must capture something white in order to white balance it. EX3, HDV, Go Pro as well as the DSLRs have CMOS sensors which prevent the jello effect for action shots. HDV have a lower number LUX and therefore can film will in lower light. You can also use lenses with these cameras which are good with natural color. However, the workflow is difficult because you must use a capture cam.

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