Friday, December 7, 2012

Scene Assignment Reflection: "Delinquency"

I learned that when I want to focus and organize my ADHD thoughts, I can! I was very impressed with how all my prior work made the shoot go by rather swiftly. In addition to me having preplanned what I wanted to shoot and capture, I had arranged to have my crew fed and happy and I think that kinda gave a positive undertone to the day's work. I think I am good at brainstorming creative ideas and giving direction. I have experience acting and now of course, filming and I think I articulate a vision well so directing might be my calling but I'm not limited to that notion. I want to be able to speak film language like my second language. I wanna know terms, camera operation, lighting techniques and so on so that I can be competitive in a field that millions of people are pursuing. Having this knowledge will no only make me marketable but help me produce work that shows my skills set and creative vision. I think I crew work well together. The actors and crew got along really well and at some points I had to step in and keep everyone on task. The DP and I did not exercise good communication skills, which was evident in the final product but regardless each experience teaches you something and now I know the importance of said relationship

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