Friday, December 7, 2012

What I've learned in TCF 312

TThis has been my favorite class in TCF thus far. I think because I got a much better understanding of workflow, what makes a success production, the importance of knowing what goes on a set, how to get a certain look and what equipment will give you such look. I see how lighting ultimately gives you a good shot or a bad shot. I understand how to incorporate lights as far as color temperatures, kinos, arris, diffusors, cookies, etc. Lights can make a scene look realistic, 3-dimensional and set the mood. I learned about the various cameras, their limitations and their specifications. I always thought that when a person is shoot a film, they use the same camera but as I learned in this course, you can’t always use a DSLR when you’re trying to zoom, or you can use an HDV is you want a shallow depth of field. I learned that like Shane, I like to use DSLR. I think they produce cinematic and beautiful shots that I want to incorporate in my future films. I learned the importance of knowing things like aperture, ISO, ND filters, shutter speed, etc, because without the technical parts taking care of, your shots could consequently be effected by poor quality. I learned the importance of each person’s job on a shoot. Though I only had about 8 people assisting me on he the Delinquency shoot, I see how there are so many positions that contribute to the success of a production. For instance, I wish we had a person checking our actors lines and positioning for editing purposes. Have a good relationship with you crew is another thing I gathered as a 312 student. Like any work space, having a good relationship with your crew is critical to a success piece and I’m glad that I was able to develop good relationships with people I can work with in the future. I found out what I think I would be most successful at and that's directing. I feel like the director, as the visionary and guideline for the mise-en-scene of a film, serves as the leader and I think I am a natural born leader.

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